Docker Desktop and/or WSL not supported on a Windows 365 Cloud PC

Docker Desktop and/or WSL not supported on a Windows 365 Cloud PC



 Oct 11 2021
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As a developer, we need to install docker on our PC. When docker desktop starts an error message pop up and says that you need to enabled CPU virtualization. There is a way to enable CPU virtualization on Microsoft 365 PC?

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Apparently this is not possible. This was the answer from support: "As discussed, unfortunately Cloud PC's are unable to host additional VM's by design."


I have the same needs and agree this would be a very nice feature. I was able to find an alternate solution: an Azure VM that supports nested virtualization (I used a D-Series v3). Windows 365 would have been a nicer solution for a number of reasons, but at least Azure the workaround was not too bad.


This is important to our organization as well. We have many developers using AVD currently and it works well, however, the cost of personal session hosts is much more than W365. We are currently transitioning a global team of devs and we are experiencing this issue with Docker after a week. On AVD we were able to use Windows Subsystem for Linux without issue.

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This is a deal breaker!. We have visions of using windows 365 for our developer contractors

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For now, everything installs without any issue, but when I try to run docker, WSL, etc. services inside Windows 365 Cloud PC I am getting errors related to disabled virtualization at a processor level


I am also using Windows 365 for dev purposes