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So upgraded to 11, pc rebooted, went to input my code, get something happened and the pin isn’t set up. Froze me out can’t do anything as it takes 30 days to change the number now when I try to log in I get the 30 days message and I can’t gain access to my own pc which I work from so yea. Don’t do it.
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Is your drive using bitlocker and is it a work computer or personal device?  If your not using bitlocker or you are and have access to the recovery key have the recovery key have you tried booting booting a password removal tool?  @THEMARTZ 

What happened is that the change of mobile on my account takes 30days, there for would let me set the pin for whatever reason I had to reset the whole system after speaking to Microsoft tech they’re wasn’t anything they could do so had to go that route
Are you able to login to your PC?
The 30 days is for when you change your information and you have some limitation on your account but there shouldn't be much problem with using the account in the Windows.
You may switch to local account and after 30 days switch back to Microsoft Account.
Nope I wasn’t able to. Microsoft told me ti reboot my ox back to factory so that’s what I had to do in the end.
Do you have any other account in your device?
Are you able to login with the same account in other device?
Like login in Microsoft Services on the web?

@Reza_Ameri yea i could log into everything, it literally was just getting past the log in screen with the pin code, it wouldnt let me set it or log in so had to reset it all


Take a look at:
Are you able to switch your account to the local account?
common problem when upgrading.

Annoying as it is do not try multiple log in and changes on the same day other wise you get that issue.

Instead do not use email account use local admin log into desktop after you set up your computer.

Using hello pin is annoying at the best of time and i refuse to use it.

still prefer local admin log in than using email and pins as if you get them wrong your logged out secondly do not have time messing around with dam codes and passwords i just want a straight forward process which local administrator log in gives me.

And having your computer constantly logged into your personal email is not very good security measure.