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Hello, I am using Paragon Backup & Recovery Community / Free. When I create USB Recovery stick, it says cannot find ADK. I actually already have ADK and WinPE add-on already installed, so that a software from a different company can make WinPE USB. But, to be thorough, I installed it again. Paragon again said it could not find ADK folder. I pointed it to correct folder that I installed it to, C:\Programs x86 > Windows Kits > 10. I also tried about 7 subfolders, but it still says it cannot find it. It also says to click the Find ADK button, but nothing happens.
How to troubleshoot this, so I can create my Paragon Backup Community WinPE USB stick? I already contacted their support, and I am asking if someone knows how to fix this, Thank you.

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