Windows Subsystem for Android: MIDI support

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Does the WSA support USB midi apps? I've tried installing apps like synthesia or perfect piano, they do load but do not recognize my midi keyboards. Is there a way to let WSA use MIDI hardware?

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This would be seriously useful. Trying to run Simply Piano.

Trying to use MIDI with Music Reading Trainer. No luck. Would be super useful to have this capability.

this guy shows how to do the windows audio mixer settings to send sound from a windows piano sound generator app into the piano teaching app on *any* android emulator, WSA or otherwise:

it's a great tip, wish i'd thought of it years ago!

the gist is:
1) get a Windows app that will play notes for your keyboard, i chose free "Piano 10" -
2) enable mixer device in windows settings > audio > advanced > recording ... this is very common with audio hardware on modern motherboards
3) back in your windows sound settings again > volume mixer > apps and hit the dropdown on your emulator app and set the input to the stereo mix device enabled above

that's basically it... now the android app will "hear" the sound output from your keyboard!