Windows profile cannot connect to windows account

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Hi !

My windows 11 profile cannot connect to my real windows profile, warns me loosing my work if I dont log off.
I can logon with a local admin user and would have access to my data, but I want to fix the problem with my normal windows profile.

Before it:
1. I had to play around to connect this pc with another one on the same network,
so I played with "share folder" settings, I activated / deactivated sharing folder options
2. later, had to change physical location, wanted to login again, don't ask my why exactly now, WINDOWS UPDATE was running
- the message was "trying to update", at least 2 restarts, finally I got to login screen
2. when I logged in again, and wanted to use the file browser,
it says, I need permission to access my own folders, it was the same with "documents", "pictures", and so on
so I said "ok accept"
3. next logins where like now, my profile is corrupt

I tried:
1. I saw the owner of my c:\users\myUserNonAdminUser\ Folder was the local admin account. I could change it to my myUserNonAdminUser,
at first there was a permission problem for the \AppData folder, after changing myUserNonAdminUser to an admin, I could solve this
2. REGEDIT, I my profile under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
- I created "RefCount" with value = 0
- reset "State" to 0
- I remaned profile folder, the folder had .bak at the end, I removed that
--> next login, the folder was again .BAK ,
so REGEDIT did not help
3. tried SFC , c:\Windows\system32>sfc/scannow
4. tried DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Any advice for me?

thank you for reading


Windows 11 Home , 21H2 , 22000.376 , 


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I created new local windows profile and attached after login with windows account mail,
so I have now 2 windows profiles on my windows, one works one not, lets see...


Hi, I have a question if after opening the Microsoft Store you also have problems?

If you sign in to Edge with a Microsoft account, the browser should certify correctly.

Hi @Deleted 

I tried it now, I logged in with this corrupt user profile in Windows,

- login needed longer, mabe 1 minute

- message "you will loose everything" still exist

- I opened Edge, profile was set to my windows mail address, I pressed synchronize, it synchrozed

- I started Microsoft Store in Taskbar - no reaction

- I started Microsoft Store through app list - no reaction

- OneDrive folder empty


I am happily using the new windows user profile I created

- everything works

- OneDrive works too


Does this mean that you did not repair your Microsoft account - or did you have to create a new one?

Yes I did not repair, I created a new windows User...


As the admin, I created a new windows user account, after logging into the new windows user account, Windows ask for the Microsoft Account mail address, I just give the old one so I have a fresh new access to my Microsoft Account data / profile.