Windows Install

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I downloaded Win 11 and made a boot thumb drive. I tried to install 11 but it would not take the key so I went "NEXT" and installed 11 without a key, I'm using 11 Pro. My understanding is that you can install 11 without a key but it will bug you for one. I wasn't at the computer as the installed, I don't know if there were things I had too do or not but aparently it installed. I've gotten to the screen where it asks to enter you Microsoft Account but the password I used originally will not work, yet I can use it on my laptop and have no problems. I've tried changing the password but I get an error message that their servers are having problems and come back later. I've tried this till I had to wait for 24hrs before I can get more keys. I can't get anybody at Microsoft, their phone number is worthless. Does anybody know ow to get Microsoft on the phone or can help with this problem. I'm totally stuck. Thanks inadvance.

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