Windows black screen after installing drivers

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Specs: windows 11, Am4 cpu, msi motherboard with debug lights, 2080 super, and a 1 tb samsung ssd in a m.2 slot.

I was trying to install thrustmasters target software. When I did it said several drivers would not work with core isolation enabled. So I pressed cancel on the messages and continued until it finished.

I pressed restart on the install wizard and the screen went black after a few minutes there was still no image. Than I tried to access winre by pressing f9 than f12. No launch. So I tried restarting it a few times like a guide I saw suggest. Still no winre launch. My motherboard flashes a few lights when it restarts. First the cpu light than it goes away.

Than the middle light it goes away after a second. Than a green light. But it goes away very shortly.

Than I tried to clear cmos and go to bios. I'm not sure if it's posting because it's still black

I'm not sure what else to do.

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Seems to have fixed itself