Windows 11 video lag

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Ever since I installed Windows 11 in mid July after joining Windows Insider Program I've experienced severe lags while watching any types of videos whether it's Youtube player or .mkv files. Usually after around a minute the video would be super laggy (audio works fine) or will stop altogether (audio is fine as well). It doesn't affect any other software including games, only videos. Task manager doesn't show any spikes of CPU, GPU or RAM usage.


I use the latest AMD drivers (device manager only shows "AMD Radeon Vega 8" with the latest drivers) with High performance pover plan. The version of Windows 11 is 22489.1000



CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200g PRO

GPU: integrated AMD Radeon Vega 8

Motherboard: MSI b450m pro-vdh max

RAM: 16 GB




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1.) Update your Java:

2.) Get the Latest Windows 11 64-bit OEM Drivers from these sites:


2A.) AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 3200G ->


2B.) B450 Chipset Drivers ->


Did all three. Didn't help.

Any updates on this? I have been dealing with the exact same issue, in spite of my system being more than adequate.
None at all. Will probably just reinstall the system at this point.

@imhereforonequestion So crazy that it seems impossible to find information on fixing this.  Will you update here if a reinstall works?

I will but no sooner than mid February.

@imhereforonequestion Hey, are you by chance using a soundbar that you're passing your video through? I am, and I wonder if that is the issue--like, maybe Windows 11 is handling the bandwidth differently or something?

@imhereforonequestion Go to System > Display > Graphics > change default graphics settings > turn off Hardware accelerated graphics, I've also turned off variable refresh rate, fixed my lag.

Don't see any "Turn off Hardware accelerated graphics" in here, only "Optimizations for windowed games". I turned off Hardware acceleration for Chrome and suprisingly it worked. Why though? And how do I turn it off for the rest of the system?
My PC is connected to a TV that's recognised by windows as an output device, it's turned off though.

@imhereforonequestion   I have been suffering the same problem for some time now.  When playback of any video be it online or locally stored, there would be what I could only discern as video lag or buffering for up to 15 to 30 seconds.  After the initial buffering everything would be fine.  Not really a big deal but very annoying to say the least.  After many hours of research and troubleshooting it found that the culprit was the RealTek audio driver.  Start by uninstalling that driver and locating the correct Intel audio device driver and installing that.  After doing this I've had no further problems with any video playback.