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Why can my system not download the files shown in screen shot? The 3 x files are something to do are ''Realtek Extension''. This is after my Windows 11 has prompted me to upgrade my system? Please my HP - PC is 6 months old. It has a 500GB hard Drive and 16GB RAM processor?

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Download Windows 11 (

 Hi, the easiest way will be to download the Windows11 Installation Assistant, it is safe and most often helps , but if there is still an error then write the error code.:)

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I have EXACTLY the same issue with my wife's PC...but it wont accpet the solution you have sent me?...very strange?...the PC is also 6months old, but has an 8GB RAM processor?



Windows Update Troubleshooter (

Please this is the next step, if it does not help please write.

In this link below there may be an explanation for this error:

Windows Update Error 0x80070103 - Microsoft Community

Official HP® Drivers and Software Download | HP® Customer Support

Hi, no luck… so far. Tried downloading Realtek drivers too…still same “fault” appears after the Windows Update runs?


If you have installed an antivirus by the manufacturer (third-party)-then try to disable it and restart the computer.


Realtek Semiconductor Corp Extension updates - Microsoft Community

After reading this thread, I have another idea. run ( Sound Problem Repair Tool ) and try to disable surround sound and other extensions during the repair

That download ''sorted'' my wife's PC. Thx and Much appreciated