Windows 11 update KB5028254 issue

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So since updating to KB5028254 on two systems I have had this happen where the system starts up loads into windows sign in and then a repeating loop of screen flashing and not able to access anything even though the mouse curser is visable

and works like it should, I can’t open start or anything except for being able to access task manager through ctrl-alt-delete then click on task manager stuff with the mouse and also use the run command from there, this problem didn’t occur straight away but after a time like a few days, on one system I was able to fix it for now by returning to a restore point then reinstalling the update again but it happened again on that system and fixed it by doing the same thing again but on the other system i had a restore point just before the update was installed and it didn’t fix the issue, I tried safe mode and same thing. So I’m unsure what is clashing with the update, both systems are different except for both having a nvidia gpu, but if this was at conflict I thought it would have been fixed in safe mode using the standard driver but it was doing the same thing, I ended up reinstalling windows 11 and upgrading it to this current update above… i was not going to worry about reporting this but this has happened on both modern systems I have here and it’s only been since this latest update preview…


pc specs - the one I had to do a fresh install on


i9 10900k

aorus master z490

32gb G.skills trident neo memory

MSI RTX 3080 gaming x trio

aorus 360 cooler

aorus 250gb m.2

XPG Spectrix 2TB M.2



pc specs - the one I manage to fix by restore point


i7 10700k

gigabyte z490 UD

32gb g.skill ripjaws V

asus duel GeForce 2060 rtx

samsung 950 pro M.2 250gb

samsung 1TB sata 3gbps


just wanted to report it incase others are having the same loop booting up in windows screen flashing issue, i was going to post the vid of the loop but it wont let me do it here. So I took two photos of what it looks like going between the flashing of on-off-on-off-on-off a repeating loop constant as soon as I log into windows when it happens… also I can ctrl-alt-delete go to the sign in page and it all looks fine there till I sign in and load up into the desktop…




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@Ghostimage0101 YO same thing just happened to me! I think it was related to what you said. After Windows 11 booted it was stuck in a flashing loop. I could load Task Manager and Services and Command Prompt but couldn't do much else. Booting into Safe Mode didn't help. Finally in the Advanced Startup Options I chose the option to "Uninstall latest quality update" which I think removed KB5028254 then after rebooting the flashing screen stopped! Now Windows Update gives me the option to install KB5028254 but I think I'll hold off in case they release a new update to replace this one. Could just be a coincidence but sounds about the same!


I have experienced exactly same issue as descibed by Ghostimage0101: after installing KB5028254 and rebooting, my screen started to flicker and no access to anything. I rebooted Windows until Login Screen. Press "Shift" and Restart (right bottom of screen) the device. This enables to login into the maintenance area. Choose "Troubleshoot" =>"Uninstall Updates" to remove the latest update. When I restarted, it did still not work. I entered into the maintenance area again => Troubleshoot => "Start Up Settings" and restarted with Option 1 "Enable Debugging". Finally, I entered into Windows (having lost some user settings). 



I found a previous issue from a couple of years ago exactly like this but with a windows 10 update, they were unable to fix the issue exactly like we are having with this update, microsoft was unable to help them trying many things, in the end the people with the problem, booted to the startup troubleshooter menu and reset there pc's, I have done this on both my systems. One I was able to keep my personal files and the other must of had a corrupt image file as I had to do a complete reinstall of windows 11, I have updated both systems and so far no issues at all....

The issue itself is apparently caused by a conflicting software with the new update and resetting the pc will remove all the added software that loads on bootup and I had to reinstall alot of programs but now it is so far running good and I have updated to this latest preview update straight away checking for updates to make sure....

anyone with this issue, I suggest you do a system reset - keeping your personal files and reinstalling any removed software as restoring to a previous save point eventually causes the same issue when you boot up again...

also doing it from when i was able to access windows didnt seem to work, I had to do it from the blue background - startup troubleshooting screen. so going to the login screen then holding down the left shift button and clicking on restart in the bottom right then once it starts up, click troubleshoot - reset this pc - keep my files....

hope this helps anyone with the issue

I'm encountering an issue with the latest Windows 11 update, KB5028254. After installing the update on my two separate Windows 11 systems, I've been experiencing an unusual problem. When I boot up the systems, everything appears to load correctly, and I reach the Windows sign-in screen. However, once I log in, a recurring loop of screen flashing ensues, rendering my system nearly unusable. Oddly, the mouse cursor remains functional, and I can access the Task Manager using Ctrl + Alt + Delete. From there, I can run various commands and interact with Task Manager functions.