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I was eager to install the official Windows 11 release today, however upon reading first I noticed that ungrouping taskbar icons / showing labels is not available anymore in Windows 11.


Why the heck would you remove such a useful feature? This is the only thing preventing me from installing Windows 11. Will this feature come back?


Might as well stick with Windows 10 until it sees its return (if ever). Solving this with third party tools is a no go.

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Combine taskbar Windows 11 , i need :((((((
I agree, I found out how much I miss the taskbar labels (instead of combining open windows) when I upgraded to Windows 11. :)
I agree. I installed Windows 11 because I'm always eager to have the new OS. I uninstalled it almost immediately. Problem is, I can't work out how to provide feedback for it, now that I removed it.
Same for me, I like to see the taskbar labels too and also use small icons. Also combine when taskbar is full was a great feature.
Whoever made Windows 11 have NEVER had to do accounting work, where you need to have 10 spreadsheets open, they all look the same, and you rely on the name of the file (taskbar labels) to know which file you need. This removal of the taskbar labels has made my month-end closing tasks take 5 times longer. How do I reinstall Windows 10?
It's easily restored:
Go to Start Menu, click Run, then type regedit and hit enter. The required key is located in:

Locate the key TaskbarGlomLevel and change its value to 0, 1 or 2 depending on what you need it to do.
To always combine, hide labels (default): TaskbarGlomLevel = 0
Combine when taskbar is full/Show labels: TaskbarGlomLevel = 1
Never combine/Show labels: TaskbarGlomLevel = 2

I have my Windows 11 system set to 2 and the taskbar shows labels on open apps and files as it always did on Windows 10 and before.
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It looks like the perfect way - but it doesn't work here. I set the value to 2 and after restart and then checking it was set to 2 - but still no labels. Do you have any ideas? a@Buntobox 

Yeah, same with me..

Agreed. Please vote on this issue in Microsoft's "Feedback Hub" app. Search for "Never combine" and then upvote/comment there since that is their official channel for feedback on features, suggestions and bugs.





The only thing I have done aside from alter that registry key is select small taskbar icons, reduced the size of my taskbar and opened a QuickLauch toolbar. Here's a screenshot of it:







There is no QLA in the RTM release of Windows 11.  I uninstalled W11 because of loss of the QLA, context menu and right-click on Taskbar to find so much less than W10.


Terrible first impression of W11.  C'mon devs!  Put the Taskbar and Start Menu back to Windows 10 features and options. I have voted up in Feedback the need for labels and to "not combine" the icons.

try  Just installed and seems to be working well.


Can't believe they took it away.

@BuntoboxThanks, this was a life-saver! Viewing taskbar labels is essential for my work.

Windows 11 is like a Jail. You are not allowed to do anything.
They wanted it like iOS. And they nailed it!


That's not my experience. I have it behaving the way I want it to and looking like Windows 2000 which I regard as the best Windows from an aesthetic point of view; also because it's the OS I got my MCSE in about twenty years ago so I'm nostalgic about it. I have the original start menu, a quick launch menu, a normal height taskbar with button labels, folder thumbnails and the start button on the left, where it should be. I also have none of those God awful touchscreen tiles anywhere on my system. I then imaged my customised and completed system so I had to do all the configuration work just once. It took a fair bit of research to find the various tweaks and hacks necessary to accomplish what I couldn't do myself but I can assure you, they're out there. You just have to look.

If you think Windows 11 is a jail then it's only because you haven't found the cell door key yet.

@Buntobox yeah, I get a new car and then must I search for a Engine and Wheels that fit on.... If I only look a new Taskbar, there were a size of icons and labels a big preblem, so they remove it. I dont want to edit Registry and use of some Software only to have my old look back. I have disabled any Update for Win11.


Well, unless you're able to create your own OS in order to have it just the way you like it, you're going have to accept what you get. I've told you that you can have a fair degree of control over how Windows 11 looks. If you're not willing to do the configuration work required to make that happen then you really have no legitimate grounds for complaint.

@Buntobox Hi

In your private computer, you take full responsibility for what you do!

Computers managed in the organization is a completely different matter, it should be mentioned that not everyone is a programmer and is afraid that manual fixes will not work properly = for me it is obvious! 

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best response confirmed by Clementino_de_Mendonca (Microsoft)

It looks like the perfect way - but it doesn't work here. I set the value to 2 and after restart and then checking it was set to 2 - but still no labels. Do you have any ideas? a@Buntobox 

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