Windows 11 taskbar corner icons are not working

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I'm using windows 11 (Microsoft Windows 11 Pro; 10.0.22000 Build 22000 [updated from win 10]).


My taskbar/system tray is not working:

In the bottom right corner I have icons: Language / Networks / Audio / Power options, and when I click on these only an empty box comes up.

Control Center.png

PrtScr capture.png


Couple of days ago it was working well. Application icons and calendar is ok.

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I contacted Micrososft's support to solve the issue. They asked me to download win11 iso and run the installer...

It did not change anything!

After some time I realized that using an another account the taskbar works. I created a new account, started to transfer and configure lot of things. After using it for for some time, now I have exactly the same issue, but I wasted so much time...


I wish I had never updated to win 11, this is what I would recommend to everyone.