Windows 11 taskbar calendar not showing days

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Ever since upgrading to 11, I've regularly had issues with the taskbar calendar. From time to time, it wont show days in the month, and it seems to glitch and take a long time  to even show what is does show (see picture). Can you fix this please?image.png

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@jolars695 I have fixed this on my end by editing taskbar alignment, and setting it to CENTER again, then adjusted back to left.

Hello, I have a fresh W11 install and I have the same problem. First, if I click on the sound/network icon on the taskbar and then I click on the date time to open the calendar, it appears "minimized", the same as in the photo without showing the days.
This is common for me. In some situations, it gets stuck like in your picture. All I do to fix it is to refresh it.
Does anyone know any solution for this?