Windows 11 Task View shortcuts problem

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On my freshly installed Windows 11 I am encountering one user experience problem. 


Although visually I like more Windows 11 Task View then Windows 10 Task View, primarily because it is not saturated with Recently Opened/Recently Viewed yesterday, today, etc., there is one functional issue I would like to address. 


These are 2 usage patterns of how I am using Task View:

1. While in Task View I use Ctrl + Win + Right/Left Arrow to switch between Virutal Desktops. Windows 11 is giving preview of all opened windows in selected Virutal Desktop, which helps me to choose Virtual Desktop I want to switch to. After pressing Enter I am there. 

2. While in Task View, and having selected Virtual Desktop that I want to switch to, by using Tab and Arrows combinations, I can navigate exact window that I want to maximize to. 


Here is where comes problem: Once that you are using Tab or Arrow Keys alone, there will appear other focus represented as black rectangle edging around border of thumbnail previews.


This black focus destroys semantics of focus represented as highlighted area around Virtual Desktop previews (initial focus).

In other words, moving over Virtual Desktops with Ctrl + Win + Right/Left Arrow and selecting Virtual Desktop with Enter will not work anymore. Whatever Virtual Desktop is chosen using here mentioned key combination, window preview for given Virtual Desktop will be made correctly, but after pressing Enter will be selected one where is black focus!


I hope this will be recognized as issue.




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Thank you for sharing this, I advise you to open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue and make sure share steps to reproduce the problem (like you did) and any screenshot or information where might help the Windows team to have a look at the problem.