Windows 11 swaps wallpapers between accounts

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I have a problem with the wallpapers on my laptop with windows 11 that is very frustrating and driving me crazy, so I have 2 local accounts, my main one and secondary one, both are administrator, offline accounts, I set different wallpapers on each account, but eventually on the second account it will randomly change the wallpaper to be the same as the one from the main account at any time (also it seems like it does this indifinetly, cause eventually the wallpaper history will be filled with the same picture), first I thought it was only affecting my secondary account, but then I noticed sometimes it does the inverse, it sets my main account wallpaper to be the same as my secondary one, randomly, I've tried deleting the registry files of the wallpapers on both accounts and it didn't solve the problem, this bug it's messing me up hahaha

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