Windows 11 - Surface Pro 5

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I am here to write about Windows 11 on a Surface Pro 5 with i5-7300 , 4gbram, TPM 2.0, Secure boot/UEFI.


As you can see Windows 11 is totally fine, I just wondering if they may lower it to allow me in offically?




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Your question is not clear, so you are attempting to install Windows 11 but it shows your system is not compatible, is that correct?
HI Reza, I am trying to get to 11 but the processor i5-7300u is not comaptbile.

I have attached a word document with System Report and Screenshots of Benchmarks/Surface pro 5 with windows 11.


Thank you :) 

You are correct, this processor is not compatible with the Windows 11, you may see list of compatible Intel's CPU for the Windows 11 on:
In this case, I advise you to open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and file a report and request for your processor to be supported. You may share this document in the Feedback Hub app and under description also explain what is it about.
I have done that but there is a auto message that is is posted as official response from Jenifer G from 3 months ago
What was the message?
The Feedback Hub is the best way to share your idea with the Windows team.
Thank you for taking the time to share feedback about this - please see the latest blog post:

It seems to be putten into a collectoin.
I got it, basically the blog post saying the reason why they increase the requirement , in any case thank you for sharing your feedback.
Yes :)

Can Surface Pro 5 - Model A 1796 upgrade to Win 11?


Your PC does in fact meet the requirements, aside from the glitch with the PC Health Check App, which you can bypass (mine is older than that and easily runs Windows 11, 64-bit processor has TPM 2.x support, etc.)


It is not easy to say if your device is compatible or not just from the model.
However, you may run the PC Health Check app to see if your device is ready or not.
Take a look at: