Windows 11 supported proccesor

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Hi, My PC has the Ryzen 7 1800X 8 core processor running at 3.6 and still windows says that is not supporting this processor. It Has TPM2.0 is faster than the 2700 (which is supported) so I cant understand the reason there. Can you Include the processor in later Updates? I currently run windows 11 on dev mode and have no problems.
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It is working, not by default, I'm replying it using windows 11 on a Ryzen 7 1700, just you have to do is download the ISO from Microsoft and put it in a USB stick using Rufus, 3.17+, under image options select "Extended NO TPM NO UEFI"

@brasvidal I dont have a problem with TPM and UEFI , both are supported by 1800X

the problem is that in my opinion because all these are supported 1800X should be supported by default in WINDOWS 11

BTW i already am on WINDOWS 11 i use them is just frustrating that Insider says that "is not meeting the minimum requirements" when it should