Windows 11 stuck at boot after update

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My notebook keeps restarting after a Windows 11 update.


1) "Updates are in progress".
2) "Services are being terminated"
3) Restart


The startup process does not get out of this cycle.
I also can't enter "Safe Mode".
As soon as I turn off the notebook 2x during startup the following happens:


1) Automatic repair is prepared
2) Diagnostic of the PC is executed
3) Repairs are executed


Now I am back to the beginning of the first problem.
What else can I do?


Greeting Int3g3r

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Do you have the Windows installation file?
Try force shutdown Windows twice and it should start Windows Recovery Environment.
I have already done that.
The second part describes the Windows recovery part.
Yes I have the Windows image.

Have now already reinstalled the operating system.
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You could have performed a repair (instead of reinstalling).
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