Windows 11 start menu not working and app blocked by administrator

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Following joining an active directory domain with my Windows 11 Pro laptop, the start menu stopped working for all user in the domain, and the local administrator account. If i try to go to Windows Settings (for exemple) i got an error telling me this apps was blocked by my administrator. I can't go to settings or any others settings function with local administrator account or domain account. This issue not occur on my others PC on this domain. For now, i've reinstalled windows, but how to make this issue not happen again when i will join my domain?


Thank you!

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This is not caused by GPO. Just reviewed all of them. No any one interfer whit start menu or windows features like settings. I've set many to not configured too, like the disabling of windows store.


I've 3 others PC on this domain, without any issues. All users have access to start menu and windows settings on these computers. This issue occur only on fresh windows 11 install. If i do a Windows 10 fresh install, and join to the domain, the issue is not present. Only whit Windows 11.


Thank you for your reply