Windows 11 Sound device issue

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In Windows 11 , when I connect USB headset, the sound system automatically starts using that USB speakers and USB microphone. If unfortunately my USB malfunctioned while playing an audio, the Win11 sound system automatically stars playing back in the system's loud speakers, and it is annoying at times when I don't want to louder playback.

Any idea how can I avoid Win11 to automatically use system loud speakers in such scenario?

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Here's how you can do it:

Right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar.
Select "Open Sound settings" from the menu.
In the Sound settings window, scroll down to the "Advanced sound options" section and click on the "App volume and device preferences" link.
Under the "Output" section, locate the application that you want to configure (e.g., your media player).
Click on the dropdown menu next to the app's name and select your USB headset as the preferred output device.
Repeat the same steps for the "Input" section if you want to specify your USB headset as the preferred microphone.
Close the Sound settings window.
By setting your USB headset as the preferred output and input device for specific applications, Windows 11 will remember your preferences, and if the USB malfunctions, it won't automatically switch to the system loudspeakers.