Windows 11 Sign-in bug

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Recently my friend’s laptop went into problem that she insert the right password but it says wrong . The very next day I was working on my laptop and suddenly it shut down because of low battery and then I plugged it in and start up the system it, then it showing something problem and It doesn’t even prompt me to put my password, then I tried to uninstall the lastest quality updates from safe mode , then I restarted and it worked , I sign in as normal by inserting password . 
But , for not facing this issue again I decided to disable my pin and then put on sleep and again start the machine it shows the lock screen with a sign in button , In normal case when i click the sign in button it should unlock and open the system but in this case it won’t even showing nothing, always on that sign in screen.


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Can you share us, what is the exact error message you received at signing screen?