Windows 11 Search Menu shows a placeholder on my profile picture

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Dear all,


Whenever I open the Windows 11 Search, it shows my user profile picture as a placeholder item, even though I have a profile picture since forever:


Screenshot 2023-09-30 173836.png


This issue is intermittent and sometimes shows my profile picture. However, it annoys me whenever it reverts back to a placeholder of the initial letter of my name.


This has been a problem for me with Windows 11, since I upgraded to it back in 2021.


I have tried to change my profile picture countless times in order to circumvent this issue, but to no avail.


I have run DISM, SFC, also to no avail.


Can you assist me on this?


Kind regards,


Gonçalo Pinto


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Are you using Microsoft Account?
Have you installed all updates for Windows?
Make sure report this issue as a bug in the Feedback Hub app.
Yes - email address removed for privacy reasons
Yes - currently running 23H2
Yes - already done so, countless times.

Try performing Clean Boot and see if you are observing this behavior?

Have a look at How to perform a clean boot in Windows - Microsoft Support

Already tried it.

Does not work.

I need to remind you this problem is intermittent, as usually during the night, the profile picture appears correctly.

There's a post in Feedback Hub explaining this exact behaviour.

Thank you so much for helping me on this. Please do not give up on me :)
Thank you for the confirmation, like what you said I believe this is a bug and since it is in the Feedback Hub app, hopefully it will be investigated and resolve in the future updates.

See? Only now it is 11:00pm and my profile picture is correctly displayed on Windows 11 Search.


This problem is intermittent and I don't know why :crying_face:

Screenshot 2023-10-02 230645.png


The only way is to share this issue using the Feedback Hub app, when you do it also submit log files and it helps the Windows team to investigate the issue. I guess there is bug in catching and loading.
Already shared this issue multiple times on Feedback Hub.

Can you please escalate this issue? It drives me nuts sometimes :pensive_face:
I am a user like you , so I don't have a power to escalate or take any action as I am not working with Microsoft but I am here to share my knowledge to help people. But I hope someone from Microsoft would see this in Feedback Hub or in this forum.