Windows 11 reset & USB not working

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Hi. Hopefully someone can help. Suddenly my USB devices have stopped working. I can start my desktop and I get to the login screen, but I cannot access as the keyboard & mouse don't work. I have tried different USB ports but the same.


I then tried to access by turning on and off a few times and getting to the recovery options. My mouse and keyboard work there. But still cannot get into WIndows. I tried reset, it runs into "a problem" around 33%. I tried downloading the Media creation from Microsoft, followed all instructions (but it does not give the option of selecting installing on a differen device). I have tried loads of things from the web and from the MS site.


So I cannot check device manager from CMD as not recognised, and most of the other functions to try they are un-recognised. So, I am stuck where I cannot get into windows.

Any ideas?

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