Windows 11 Remote Desktop BUG (since months or years)

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Hi, if I don't stop the Remote Desktop services (3 total) by services.msc:

After hours (4, 8, 12, 24, 48, ..) of using the PC in Online mode (connected to a network):

In Task Manager (Details tab), svchost.exe which hosts Remote Desktop has approximately:

Either at least 20,000 Handles or at least 1,000 Threads.

These numbers IIRC can be even higher, like 80,000 Handles+ or 2,000 Threads+.

The PC is so stressed because Handles or Threads every a few seconds raise with 40-50 or decrease with 40-50. The numbers are never constant. File Explorer works lagged while that. If I stop that svchost.exe instance, PC is so fresh, like I just started it from 0.

So I had to permanently disable these 3 services by services.msc. I also did it last year.

My Windows edition now, which still have the issue: 


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