Windows 11 reboots unexpectedly in Sleep mode

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Hello, My Windows 11 system reboots suddenly in sleep mode (standby mode) without waiting for applications to finish.

How I reproduce the problem:
1) I leave some applications opened (e.g. Chrome browser with tabs opened) and close the laptop screen;
2) the laptop goes into sleep mode;
3) after a few hours I open the laptop screen and it wakes up immediately, but asks me to log in as my user;
4) after authorization, I don't see any previously opened applications, and after another browser launch, I see its offer "Restore suddenly closed tabs?"
5) I open Event Viewer, look for the nearest errors and found an event with the text "The previous system shutdown at was unexpected."

What else I noticed:
1) This is independent of connected power supply or battery operated - I've observed this problem in both, but more often when plugged in.
2) It doesn't happen every time, about 80% of 100% of the time being in sleep mode. Usually after being in sleep for a long time (an hour or longer).

What I've tried so far:
1) I thought the problem was "hybrid sleep mode" and tried to disable it in power settings, but I couldn't find the corresponding item there.
2) I tried updating the battery driver "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant..." - I uninstalled it via device manager and rebooted the system. The system installed the exact same driver and the "hybrid sleep mode" setting did not appear.
3) I unchecked "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" in the Power settings and rebooted the system. The problem is still reproduced.


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