Windows 11 rebooting - help to debug

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I upgraded from Win10 a few weeks ago, and recently I have encountered windows rebooting for no apparent reason.  It seems to happen most when I have locked the screen, but has happened while logged in - I had just clicked the 'Check for Updates' button!


I need help in trying to debug as its driving me nuts.  I'm a developer so every time I come back after getting up it's rebooted and I have to re-open everything again, great for my development process!


So I have already done a few things to make sure its not windows update or crash recovery:


  • Taken suggestions from here:
  • Added the registry entry for NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUser,
  • Enabled 'Notify me when a restart is required..',
  • Made sure to disable 'Get me up to date',
  • Paused updates for weeks,
  • Disabled 'Automatically restart' under System failure in Start-up and Recovery,

I can't see anything obvious in the Event Logs.  I've updated drivers etc, and can't see any crash dumps or anything.


Happening multiple times a day.  This is driving me nuts.  What can I do?

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First method, uninstall nvme or SSD controller from device manager, keep only microsoft standard controller.
Second method.
Type view advanced system settings in search box, execute it.
Then click ons advanced tab , then click on settings under startup and recovery, uncheck mark in automatically restart.

@RAJUMATHEMATICSMSC Thanks for your reply.  I just checked storage controllers and I only have the Microsoft Standard NVM Express controller installed.

I have also disabled Automatic Restart and a bunch of other things mentioned in my post.  I wish it was related to that but still restarts.

Thanks again

Check the group policy settings under windows updates. If it is modified means, then set policy to not configured.
Also type. Gpupdate /force im command prompt run with administrator rights.
After that restart windows.

If possible record a video through mobile phone and upload a video in onedrive storage, paste the shared link.

@_Ataye_ I have had a closer look at the Event logs, and I've found something interesting.  Software Protection service has been logging re-start schedules in the app event log. Apart from it constantly logging event ID 16384, the scheduled restart date is over a month in the past!  I wondered if this was causing the restarts, but it has logged a bunch but hasn't restarted.  The PC had been locked as usual.


Could this have something to do with it?

There is no relationship between that service and restart.

Try to disable driver verification using command prompt

@RAJUMATHEMATICSMSC Nothing had been configured in GP, and I had already ran GPUpdate, but not without force so I just tried that (from admin prompt).  I wasn't sure if you were referring to recording the policy update command output or the windows boot (which is unremarkable).  I've attached gpupdate output, also unremarkable.  Took about 12 seconds to complete (I've reports of it taking hours?!?!)


What else would cause a restart on windows? I can think of: windows update, window crash recovery, scheduled restart, windows recovery restart. If it were a driver crash there would be a dump no?
Go to task scheduler , browse to each tasks,. Delete all tasks registered under task scheduler.
Only few tasks are not able to delete, so in this case, leave of those tasks.
Its all looking clean. And its still doing it. Just happened then. locked the screen got up got about 30 minutes, log in and its like I've previously logged out. There aren't any new settings in Win11 to automatically log you out even if it's locked?
Did you end up finding a solution, sorry about re-birthing old thread.
Having same issue right now.