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We are currently deploying new Surface Laptop devices to our teams, and as a small business it's a pretty basic approach.  We are logging them into the devices using their company email address (We use Azure to manage our entire network) so it's all standard Microsoft authentication stuff.  Previously our approach was that users logged into the device using their personal account and then accessed our systems from there using our company email address and password via microsoft authentication to O365, etc.  


When using this new method - they're logged into the machine using their business email - the user is faced with a different login screen when accessing various applications as a result.

In this case the user is accessing a saved RDP connection.  This connection works in the usual way when I use it (I am working under the old method, logged into my personal account on the machine) but in the case of this new employee the login looks like the screenshot here - a fancy new Windows 11 login.





This is not a usual RDP connection pop-up.  It should be asking for the remote machine's network user ID and password.  Putting the PIN in here doesn't work as that's the PIN for the local machine windows login.

Using the 'More Choices' button gives you a new option to change the login user, but it asks for an email address and password, not a network ID and password.



Adding the network ID for the remote computer and their password does not work here.


How do I make their computer use the typical login methodology?  That is, when I click on and RDP connection, I get the RDP login pop-up like this one


and then it asks for the network ID and login instead of the fancy Windows 11 login with the PIN that doesn't work...


Hoping someone can help!!



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