Windows 11 Pro for Workstations & 11 Pro: ReFS, USB, RAW Loss of access to data after update

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Yesterday (11.01.2022) I lost access to data on HDD and SSD connected via USB with ReFS file system in both versions of Windows 11. I think this is a scandal. I do not know what is currently the solution to this problem, I do not have Windows 10. If anyone knows what to do with this please help! The disks are visible but as RAW. Of course both drives are functional, they work without any problem over SATA cable with ReFS, but with USB forget it :) Here is the whole truth about MS. Gates wants to modify people's genomes, but Windows they can't do right. Funny this life ... All driver patches are matched to the system, the bios is the latest it can be. Motherboard ROG Strix X570-F Gaming (Bios version 4021 2021/08/26)

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@Laserrattus USB-to-SATA converters come in different flavours, some of which translate block addresses "differently". That's why it seems to work via SATA but not via USB in most cases I know of.

"update": Do you mean a Windows update or a driver update or a firmware update for the USB-to-SATA converter?