Windows 11 Performance on Unsupported PC

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Performance of Windows 11 on Unsupported PC is a big\long discussion. 

I am sharing my thoughts regarding this topic on the video below, after I have used Windows 11 on Unsupported PC for months. 

I hope it is useful in case that you are thinking to install windows 11 on unsupported PC.

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It is recommended to NOT install Windows on unsupported hardware.
It might work and sometimes you might experience a positive performance, but it is not recommended practice.

@Learn_TECH90. I also installed Windows 11 on my age old Inspiron laptop with an Intel Pentium processor and it's been running fine with the 21H2 update. I hope to get the 22H2 update soon. Microsoft are wrong about it not being able to run on older processors


Screenshot (23).png

very interesting! thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. Best Regards