Windows 11 [OS Build 22000.168], a lot of bugs, please help.

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I don't actually know anything what's happening, but I'll explain the scenario over here:[PLEASE READ COMPLETELY]

Okay, first of all, these are my winver details.


I've upgraded my PC using the .ISO file issued in Microsoft Insider website. I've been using it for quite a while, I had no issues until today.

I turned my PC on as usual and when I came to the desktop after logging in, it's like this

harshu743_0-1630638685071.png [Taskbar is empty and doesn't respond]

I waited for 10 minutes and It was still like this. I tried to open start menu, windows search, windows settings, etc. but nothing worked. Also the right click menu showed up like this, 

harshu743_1-1630638867719.png [Classic win 10 context menu]

I have also tried to restart my PC but no changes.

The windows explorer is like this

win10explorer.png [Classic windows 10 file explorer]

 and "alt+tab" looks like this

alt+tab.png [WHAT IS THAT:unamused:]

If you need more detailed info., please ask

[Also I've attached some more screenshots, please do check them too].

Please help ASAP.

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This board is for things related to Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Certifications. I would recommend reaching out on the Windows Community