Windows 11 on Surface Studio 2

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MS indicated back in August that it would support Windows 11 on the Surface Studio 2, one of a very few devices with 7th gen processors that it will support. I have not yet received the upgrade through Windows Update and am somewhat reluctant to proceed by installing the Installation Assistant due to the age (and possible idiosyncrasies) of the Studio 2. That said, my other 2 (much newer) computers are running 11 and I'd like to have a consistent interface across all 3. I'd like to go ahead and install. All thoughts/insights welcomed!

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Hi, I think downloading the update assistant is really safe - you just need to have about 30G of free disk space this is a basic condition.

Of course, you can make copies of files just in case, but upgrading to Windows11 does not delete files and applications. 

Thanks, AndrzejX. That's just the reassurance I need. Think I'll pull the trigger in the next day or 2.


@ShirazSun Were you able to update to Windows 11? So far my Studio 2 will not upgrade. 

My Surface pro 6 did without any issues. It only has a i5 processor too. 

Jeff, I haven't yet tried because an app that I use every day (Quicken) isn't yet certified for 11 and I don't want to risk compromising 23 years of data. I've upgraded 2 laptops (one HP, one Lenovo) without issue. Not at all happy to hear you're unable to upgrade your Studio 2. Doesn't bode well.

One question, Jeff: what mechanism did you use when you tried to upgrade? Thanks.

One question, Jeff: what mechanism did you use when you tried to upgrade? Thanks.

Hello again, Jeff. Just Microsoft offered my SS2 the Win 11 update, which I of course accepted. Went without a hitch.


@ShirazSunI just bought a Surface Studio 2and Was wondering how the Windows 11 experience compares with Windows 10. Specifically do you miss the touch interface of W10? Does W11 have the same swipe bar on the right side with control center? Any thoughts would be appreciated! 

@Andrewfreib Hello, Andrewfreib. I'm sure you're aware that the appearance and behavior of Windows 11 are independent of the machine it's running on, so there's nothing unique about running it on a Studio 2. I can say that I am a HEAVY user of touch and I found the transition to 11 pretty much effortless. I initiate what I believe you're referring to as a control center with a button on my task bar which presents a control center in the center of my screen. There are some minor annoyances; e.g., you have to initiate that center to get the shutdown button and right-clicking requires 2 steps to get the full list of options (they've tried to dumb it down). But it wouldn't occur to me not to run MS latest OS, if for no other reason than they are continually strengthening security features. I use One Drive and 365 and I've just kept doing what I've always done. HTH.

@ShirazSunThanks for the informative response. Are you finding that Windows 11 is snappy on the slightly dated hardware in the SS2?  I think it’s the only machine with a 7th generation chip to be officially supported for upgrade to W11

@Andrewfreib Correct re 7th gen. I've notice no performance change at all...positive or negative...with Win 11. While the interface changes are significant, I think "Win 11" is as much about packaging and marketing as any fundamental OS change. If it had been just another "feature update" to Win 10, there'd be a lot less concern about it's potential impact on performance, useability, whatever.

Have you tried to use a Surface Studio Recovery image? Instead of upgrading which a lot of times can cause issues Microsoft may have a complete updated Windows 11 recovery image tailored to your device. I don't know if they have done so but I used a recovery image for my ryzen edition Surface laptop 4. I know my device is newer but they should have an updated recovery image. Search google for Surface recovery image and you will land on the site. Then enter your model and serial number and it will give you options of recovery images. Then get a usb drive. Search for create recovery drive and follow the steps to create a recovery drive but make sure to uncheck the system files. Then once it is made double click on your downloaded surface recovery image and copy the files to the usb. Go ahead and replace duplicate files and once it is done you have a bootable recovery drive that will get your device a fresh complete windows 11 install. It works great and is one of the perks of having a surface device. Otherwise I would stay on Windows 10 until 2025. There are not a lot of major changes but it looks better and is slightly, very slightly more optimized. Some features work differently and take more clicks but essentially it is windows. Good luck and I hope this helps!

That‘s super helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to send that! I‘ll let you know how it goes.