Windows 11 New Tabbed Command Prompt Breaks Bat File Output

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I noticed recently that my BAT files, had started not outputing all the information I was expecting to on the command window that opened (When I double click a BAT file), or the output seemed to display lines from a previous run, with the cursor appearing in the wrong place.


I have eventually tracked this issue down as being caused by the Settings Option "Default terminal application"


Having this option set to either "Let Windows decide" or "Windows Terminal" causes this issue.


Setting this option to "Windows Console Host" fixed this issue and the BAT file output is consistent on each run.


Even the running the most simple BAT file like below


echo *** FIRST LINE ***
echo %cd%
echo *** SECOND LINE ***

REM @echo off


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Thank you!

you are welcome at MTC.

It looks like Terminal default was fixed for me on build 25262 and broke around build 25188. I had this problem where I would load a batch file with a large banner and only portions would show up if Terminal was default but console host fixed it. I posted it in Feedback Hub at

@VinceE I'm on the standard release channel Build 22621.


So it looks like this issue has escaped insider preview and is now in the wild.