Windows 11 Multiple Windows Explorer Processes Bug(??)

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Hey Y'all,


I have 2 instances of Windows Explorer opened in the task manager at random times. It happens when i restart my computer, use it for some time and after a while i notice the fans ramp up, i go to the task manager to find two processes of windows explorer, one is normal in my opinion which has 200-500MB RAM usage while the one is the problem, it consumes 2000MB of RAM (I have only 8 gigs ram so I am always anxious about that). I kill the process with the high ram usage and the computer runs normally. It is also worth mentioning that when i kill the process; the explorer and all the windows and task bar does not close or crash. The computer cools down and everything goes back to normal. The explorer.exe file is also normal. I was hoping that it might get fixed in the update but its still here.


Can you help me with a permanent solution? I already did the following to no avail;


  1. System File Checker
  2. ChkDsk
  3. Malware scan
  4. Checking installed Add-ons
  5. Running Disk Cleanup

A screen shot of the issue is also added below.

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Are you experiencing the same behavior in the Safe Mode?
Have you tried download and install all updates?
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

@Reza_Ameri Hey Reza!

Thank you for much for the suggestion but the issue still remains the same. I am fully updated and for some reason I can not find the feedback hub. It used to be in windows 10 but now when i search for it, it gives me "Feedback and Diagnostics" which has no option to report a bug, apparently there is a option to give feedback though, when you search something on the start menu; on the right top side there is an option to give feedback, just a little tiny button. I did that and lets see what happens...


I have also attached the screen shot of the issue so you can see for your self.

In the Windows 11, you may open start and click on "All apps" and from the list find the Feedback Hub app.
So, you are facing the same issue in the Safe Mode too?

@Reza_AmeriYeah still could not find the feedback section :sad: there was a get help section which has no option of feedback and directs it to support.


I am sorry i could not try safe mode before, this time i used it for 30 minutes and the issue still persists. Even after closing all the windows the process remains in task manager with high memory use.


Screen shots are attached.


same issue.jpgsame issue 2.jpg

Have you tried DISM command too?
You may run the following commands:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

I have the same issue. After few seconds of starting windows, CPU1,3, and 5 go to 100% (I have intel i9-11900K). I know this by checking it on AIDA64 app.
When pressing ctrl+shift+escape the CPU usage goes back to normal, but if I close task explorer it goes back to 100% on CPU1, 3 and 5. This is why I am thinking it is a malicious virus.
So after I looked more, I found out in the details page that there are 2 "explorer.exe" running. If I terminate the second one the issue is solved.

Any idea how can I fix this once and for all without having to terminate explorer.exe each time I start windows? I tried Malware scans and everything stated above with no help.

@Reza_AmeriThank you for the response, I've tried everything you said, no files are corrupted and everything checks out but the error remains, even after windows update I thought Microsoft might fix the issue but it still remains.

Hey RalphBouRaad,

I think you are having the same issue as me and the best solution currently is closing the second explorer instance manually.

Interestingly it eats my ram and by the looks of it, in your case, it is eating your cpu.

Hi @Wardak 

For everyday work, Windows10 works great until October 2025 Microsoft provides support , updates go in parallel with Windows11 .
If you want to work, think about a clean installation of Windows10 -> write what you think?

Of course, testing Win11 is also a good idea, but the highest stability is currently provided by Win10!

best response confirmed by Wardak (Copper Contributor)
I found a solution for my issue, so I am just writing it here hoping it can help someone.

After I redownloaded the latest version of Malwarebytes and did a scan, it found a Trojan.Agent file: C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft Malware Protection
(creative name xD)

So after I quarantined this file and did a restart, explorer.exe did not run at all (not even once). So I guessed the virus corrupted the original file.

So to fix the new issue I opened the command prompt as admin and executed the command "sfc /scannow" and it found a corrupt file and fixed it. Now everything is back to normal.
Thank you so much RalphBouRaad ! It worked for me, I didn't even had to fix the corrupted file. Didn't do much testing but its been a couple of days and the issue has gone away. Thanks once again.