Windows 11 Lock Screen Issue

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On my home workstation, the only thing that I can get to appear on the lock screen is the "Weather and more." I've tried every other option and nothing appears on the lockscreen...not mail or calendar or 3d viewer or anything. On my laptop, all is well. On my workstation, only Weather and More. 


I'm not even sure how to troubleshoot this. Any help?

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A lot of this is still in development. Hopefully we will see more ability to customize as they continue to improve and update this Feature,
This happened to me with the recent update... as well as the darn "caps lock" pop up that took me hours to try to find a fix for and there's a work around but NO fix. NOW this crap on my lock screen.

I feel like more and more of these updates are taking less control away from us and not allowing up to turn off things we don't want on which makes me want to stop accepting these updates. It's very frustrating. I don't like all the extra on my computer, that's what I use my phone or tablet for. My computer is work.

I'll be checking back so if you find a solution PLEASE share. I will do the same!!!

@jenyouin   I do not think you are wrong.  Windows 11 may be all about security under the hood but the interface changes have been all about removing options.   Microsoft is turning Windows into a rigid vehicle for delivering ads that only by coincidence also happens to run the occasional program.   


I'm not even remotely a Linux fanboi but this bovine excrement is doing a lot to change that.