Windows 11 just started to chew up RAM. ~15 GB unaccounted for.

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Hey guys, possible this is a known thing, but in the last few days, I've noticed a huge amount of memory getting consumed by seemingly nothing or some background service. Which I only really noticed since Star Citizen complained about having less than 8 GB of free memory.




I have 64 GB of RAM here, and ~15 GB is not accounted for. The consumption got so out of hand that I had to restart my computer to keep it at bay....

I sort of wonder if this is that new Windows 11 recording feature.

not sure, any ideas?
Is there any software that can tell me what's happening in the background?



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Looking for any processes that are using an unusually high amount of memory. You might want to focus on processes with names that sound suspicious or unknown. Take note of these processes.