Windows 11 internet issues

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Yesterday I installed Windows 11 and a lot of the apps including firefox have some troubles opening some pages. For example in Firefox on a lot of websites I get the bellow error and when I refresh it opens normally, Chrome is the same. On gaming platforms like Steam, Origin and sometimes when I try to fetch the store info it struggles to do so from the first time. On top of that I had problems authenticating Nvidia experience as it is connected with the browser. I thought that this is happening only the first time I open a page, but this is not the case and it is happening very randomly. Even as you can see I had troubles opening this website. I can't figure out what is causing this or to track what the actual problem is. Internet is stable and it is not the issue. Anybody else having similar issues?

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Okay, a small update.
After switching my Network settings with Google's DNS I am not experiencing the issue.