Windows 11 Hyper-V and 12th gen Intel CPUs

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I'm looking for some official info about whether or not Hyper-V in Windows 11 supports the 12th gen Intel CPUs. These CPUs have two sets of cores, Performance (P) and Efficiency (E).

I have read things on some other forums that seem to suggest that Hyper-V does not understand these new core layouts and that you have to disable the E cores in the machine's firmware in order to enable Hyper-V to work.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'm currently having to delay buying 12th gen CPUs until I know that this works properly.


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This is important for me as well as no Hyper-V support would make new 12th gen devices useless for me.

From what I know:
.) It is still broken under Server 2022 and below if E cores are enabled
.) It should work if e cores are disabled, but most OEM devices do not have this option in BIOS. Also this would turn most U series laptops into Dual cores so not really an option
In the meantime I got some additional feedback and the majority claims that it does work even with E cores enable, so as most reports of it not working are older I assume there has been a fix for it.

I made a thread here and someone says it works with a 12700K:

There is also a thread on the Dell community forums saying it works with an 12700H.
An amazon report (translated from Spanish) said it not works after update Windows
A post on some Chinese forum said it did work
Also found a guy posting some benchmark results that seem to be with e cores on (based on his score) and he claimed that Hyper-V was on

So far I only found one guy having problems at Windows10+11, but I am not so sure if this maybe was with outdated Windows builds.

But so far I did not find someone that could confirm it to be working on Windows Server, so this might still be an issue.

@andrgin Hyper-V is still not working in the latest Windows Server 2022 (version 21H2). You need to disable E cores to get it working.

Everything works fine for me now with Windows 11 HyperV and the Intel i7-12700. I have the E cores enabled.