Windows 11 Home Lock (Kiosk or similar)

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Hi everyone!


I have a Windows 11 Home, and I need to create a VERY restricted user.

  • I don't want let him install anything. Not only in Program Files (this is easy, as it promps for Admin rights), but also in Local User (AppData)
  • I don't want let him change Windows configuration (desktop, browsers...)

I have read about windows native solutions, like settin up an account in Kiosk Mode, AppLocker, WDAC... but none of them apperar to work for Windows Home versions. The last option I want to resort to is to use third party software, but, even in this case, classic applications like DeepFreeze doesn't look like to work in Windows 11.


Could you help me to find a solution?


Thanks :)

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To prevent installation, you just have to create standard account and user won't be able to install anything. However, for tasks like prevent changing settings, you will need to use features like Group Policy which are not available in the home edition.
In this case, you may be able to do it with some scripting which is difficult task or use third-party programs.
Some recomendation to get those scripts, or a nice third party program?
It depends on what you are planning to do but normally when you apply a Group Policy, it will modify or add a registry and if you search for it like how to prevent change background, you might find the registry which you could change and then use PowerShell script to modify registries, have a look at:
Related to the third-party program we couldn't advertise third-party products in this forum but if you a search you will find some of them.