Windows 11 has crazy sound issues

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I have tried the various solutions to fix the sound problems with Windows 11.

but I have to go through these solutions each time I restart the computer. 

i don't bother using sound anymore, as it is simply terrible. it appears to have blown two bass speakers (I replaced a set of speakers and now both sets have failed bass speakers)


Can you please sort this problem out?
it's weird that it has persisted so long

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Have a look at the following website:
Follow steps on the website which you haven't done.
Are you facing this issue if you connect your speakers to a different device?
Thanks, that's a long list but I tried it all. Took a while!
Different things make the speakers sound different. The issue is around the bass speaker. It is not being used at all. If I plug by iPod in it all woks fine, so is a driver/Windows issue.
It all just sounds tinny and nasty.
Did you manage to resolve the issue?
If not, try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
No it still sounds bad. Thanks for your help, I'll try the feedback route
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app, so the Windows team will get aware of it and investigate it.
Meanwhile, you may contact your device's vendor and check with them, and they might have a workaround.