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Hello to whom it may concern
The 22H2 has updated the file explorer ribbon and the print queue display in the lower right hand corner of the screen (by the time) when printing.   Before the update we were able to revert the ribbon and the print queue display by using a register fix.  Restore Windows 10 Ribbon in Windows 11  But since the 22H2 update it has disabled the fix and we are stuck with the windows 11 file explorer ribbon.
Can we get a fix to restore the file explorer ribbon and the print queue display( as its tooo huge to view print jobs).
Thank you

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Such is the arrogance of Microsoft. Try , it is a workaround and there is a small cost but it does work. Takes the stress away until the tsars come to their senses. Good luck.


In file explorer for printing there is right click and look for printing or open the image with an image program and any image program has the option to print! I use for example and I really like Picasa 3.9 that you can find in Google!

I have written this AHK (Auto Hot Key) script to get the classic ribbon back. You get a couple of windows flashing by because it uses the trick that the Control Panel still has the ribbon and you can go back once or twice to get to the File Explorer:

;Old Explorer for Windows 11
;Vincent Kruskal

#SingleInstance, Off

Run, control
Sleep, 1500
Send, {Alt down}{Up}{Alt up}
Send, {Alt down}{Up}{Alt up}

Windows 11 is really less customizable.
I don't just 2nd the motion.. I 20TH the Motion!! Give us the button ribbon back. It's bad enough you are trying to make windows look like MacOS.. Which it ISN'T,, but to go completely, or nearly completely Iconic is INSAINE!.. I've owned and used every single version of windows from Win 3.11 on, save for NT and Server... Even Windows Millennium (Or Mooleanium if you prefer) is better than this pile of junk.. I'm sure glad it is only on the laptop.. This "Ultra Compact View" must be made an option instead of a de facto abasement. This is arbitrary and capricious of you all, and unacceptable.. The rest of the world and we older users definitely won't use it. I also note once again as per another user's comments.. OLD FOLK Can'T FiNd Anything with it like this!... It took me YEARS to educate my mother on how to use the PC effectively and even I... have to forego using the worthless excuse for an even Apple could do better ribbon, and I can't stand their system... and just use right click and other functions... This is the type of bonehead move that causes folks to leave a company's product lines...

@QiSunI couldn't agree more, and what is worse, they will not even bother to communicate. Arogance beyond belief.

@QiSun  "I'm sure glad it is only on the laptop."


Does this mean what it reads like — That on a Desktop the Explorer has a ribbon option (or it is the default)?  I think this is the first time this has come up.  


So where in the Registry is Laptop/Desktop determined?  If I flip it, what else will change?

I think laptop and desktop are treated the same, just PC.
Try , it is does fix the problem. I understand they have updated. I must check it out.

Check out ExplorerPatcher @pow2020 

You need to check out ExplorerPatcher @noiwillnot 

Check out ExplorerPatcher@David1755