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Hello to whom it may concern
The 22H2 has updated the file explorer ribbon and the print queue display in the lower right hand corner of the screen (by the time) when printing.   Before the update we were able to revert the ribbon and the print queue display by using a register fix.  Restore Windows 10 Ribbon in Windows 11  But since the 22H2 update it has disabled the fix and we are stuck with the windows 11 file explorer ribbon.
Can we get a fix to restore the file explorer ribbon and the print queue display( as its tooo huge to view print jobs).
Thank you

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Yes! Jesus Christ it needs to be fixed fast.


I posted about this too and Youtube comments are up in arms too. Maybe since we are majority we can win this war against Microsoft.

if i knew i would have postponed the update ,i barrely made it work in my wiin 11 pro 21h2 ,and another thing since 2001 since i had windows i could customize the file explorer on every drive that i had now on win 11 first edition the changes that i make in each drive via prpoprieties/customization/optim ize this folder for ..and i allways liked and find it more efficient to set like documents ,now for some reason/s i make the change but windows does not save that modificatin for me win 11 has been the most frustrating OS ,too bad i need to stick with this ugly and notpractical OS...
Hi Microsoft,
I like everyone else cannot stand the new explorer ribbon. It has reduced my productivity and made it more difficult to find things that were readily visible before. Please at least give us a choice which explorer ribbon we would like to use. Thanks
And I think that we should have the possibility to choose what kind of ribbon we use because I think that the ribbon from win 10 was more practical. There is a proverb that says that "'Better' is the evil of the good!"
If it ain't broke, Don't Fix It

@JayOh10  It is broke! Right after 22H2 update.

I need this fix. Not everyone is scared of "seeing too many words". I don't want to do more clicks, on smaller icons, to accomplish the same basic tasks.

It wasn't particularly but it is broken now! It has been removed and for what useful purpose?@David1755 

This is a copy of my post on a different site. I am no tech, it's clunky but it WORKS. (for now)

For those who really want the old ribbon..

create a batch file in notepad something like this:


cd c:\windows

taskkill /f /im explorer.exe

start "" C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-explorer_31bf3856ad364e35_10.0.22621.608_none_b3fd0d5042b63bbd\explorer.exe

exit 0

(the start command above is one long line)

Save to the desktop or wherever.

Create another one replacing the long command with:

start "" C:\Windows\explorer.exe

Save as "Exporg.bat" or whatever you like.

The first batch will end explorer and open it again only now the ribbon will appear in all instances when you open them.

The second batch will do the same in reverse, restoring the new ribbon. You can add the first batch to the "startup" folder and it works fine. Classic Shell works fine with both. The only downside for me is that "explorer patcher" gets kicked out with the old ribbon which means there is no context menu on the taskbar on right-click. But it is easy enough to swap back and forth using the batch files.



This has been improved upon to autostart as the first instance in the following link

by replacing the shell value in the registry instead. YAY:lol:  

Thank you
I just kills me that the **bleep** ribbon is there, we have to jump through hoops to use it.
Microsoft needs to listen to there users.
The old fix for context menu also quit working, so now I'll search for that.
allways liked that motto
Oh deep joy. Just downloaded Startallback and it works a treat.
It is a workaround, and I would prefer it if Microsoft would do the right thing, but, hey ho, it works.

Their @LoveLinux


@JayOh10 thank you i hope i don`t crash windows again...

Well it hasn't crashed me yet. I agree, it is not the best solution but as long as the all powerful continue to disregard their subjects, it the best on offer. Let's hope, even forlornly, that the software designers realise and correct their actions and reinstate a practical and workable ribbon in explorer.
"all powerful""their subjects" the highlight of my day:)) .you are absolutely right off course but you have seen that since win 8 nothing has changed for the better in my opinion ,windows has worked almost flawlessly in windows xp sp2 and vista x64 sp2 (i know everyone hates vista but i liked it a lot and had backward support for older applications ..i miss those years ,thank you and live long and prosper :)
Hello "Stratmanshow"!
I applied Method 2 from your link and it worked ok for a while but at some point I got a "Black Screen" on the "Desktop" and I ended up reinstalling Windows 11 and a week later I had the "Black Screen" again and the second time I found this solution(time 02:00) and applied method 2 again, but the method is ok!
Chiming in to complain about the Windows 11 File Explorer options. I just set up a Windows 11 computer for my elderly parents (moving from Windows 8.1), and was horrified that it is so hard to find the Print option in File Explorer! That's a basic function. Why is there no printer icon or Print option on the ribbon at the top? I thought people were more conscious of accessibility and ease of use these days. People who have just basic computer skills and/or have difficulty with change are going to really struggle. One of the main things my parents do on their computer is print photos from File Explorer. I was shocked there is no icon or word for Print on the ribbon, and not even under the "see more" three dots! Microsoft, PLEASE un-bury a basic function like Print! I can't imagine why someone thought it was a good idea to bury it in the second menu after a right click. When looking at thumbnails or list, the only way I can find to access Print is to right-click on an image, then select More Options, then select Print. When in photo preview mode, Print can be found under the "see more" three dots (still don't understand why there isn't a printer icon), but from there you can only print the current photo (not choose multiples). Printing photos from File Explorer shouldn't be so hard!