Windows 11 Enterprise fails to adjust the sound volume when the Bluetooth audio player is used

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When I use the Bluetooth headset and when I click on the audio icon in the tray and try to change the volume - the volume doesn't change. The sound only gets muted when the volume dial is moved to the very left position, otherwise the volume remains constant.

The only way I can change volume is with YouTube volume dial. If some app wouldn't allow changing volume - Bluetooth audio would be unusable.

This is a company-issued Dell laptop, which periodically says that it applies updates and reboots.
I assume that the system is up-to-date.

Is this a known problem?
How to fix this problem?

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No, turning the computer off and on doesn't help.
It would be really strange if this would have helped, and it would raise a question what if this would come back again any time?
Make sure your Windows 11 Enterprise installation is up to date. Microsoft frequently releases updates that include bug fixes and performance improvements.