Windows 11 doesn't support AMD Ryzen 2400G with Vega Graphics 11.

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Even though it support AMD Ryzen 3 why can't it support Windows 11.  PLS ADD SUPPORT FOR AMD RYZEN 2400G 


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Unfortunately, AMD Ryzen 2400G is not on the list of compatible Windows 11 AMD processors:

You can provide your feedback to Microsoft using Feedback hub app.


I've a 2400g and windows 11 run very well no soucy, Ive done update after activate tpm 2.0 

I hope i will receive update 

it's a shame that 2400g is not supported !



Try open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and file a report an request your processor to be supported.

@Reza_Ameri I have a Ryzen 5 2400g if you try to install windows 11 using Microsoft's official work around for unsopported cpu it went well for the installing part but failed around the end causing it re restore it to windows 10.


What i am saying is that the ryzen 5 2400g doesn't support it at all even if microsoft were to implement support i don't think it would work.



@Format__ it's false I've windows 11 on my 2400g since beta and it's work at perfection.

0 Bug since beginning


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Take a note that using the method to bypass the requirement would put your system into unsupported status and even if it worked, you won't receive any support and there is no guarantee to fix issues. However, you may file a bug report using the Feedback Hub app.
I installed windows 11 with update on Windows 10 naturally, don't know why but or worked with m'y 2400g and as I said .. 0 bug... Just have a little message on dev Channel screen
Glad you had a positive experience, in case you face any issue, make sure file a bug report.



On PC Health Check The Processor isnt currently supported for Windows 11 

Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with radeon vega graphics.


Can I still install or no ?

As I said actually I ve installed it and no bug, works fine, and I received updates. So yes if you have activated TPM, yes you Can :)
You may use the method to bypass requirement check and install it. However, like I said even if you install it, your PC will be in unsupported state and there are risk of not receiving updates in the future.
Yes, I mean that too, I ready somewhere microsoft mind to fix this thing in future so windows 11 can support 2400g too in future. does it true ?
Microsoft didn't share any information related to extending support.
However, I advise you to open the Feedback Hub app and file a suggestion to support your device and if the similar suggestion exist upvote it.
WIN11 supports the amd ryzen5 3400g and that cpu is not much different than the 2400g! If you check the specs of both cpus there is NO reason for the 2400g to not be supported and included other than MS was too lazy to test and include it because it was a bit older!
I wish this was true and your right about both CPUs being around the same but win11 simply doesn't boot when installed either this is something Microsoft has done or it simply doesn't work at all.
MS did not take the time to certify this cpu because they did not go the extra mile! They missed the boat on this one. No reason to certify the 3400g and NOT the 2400g. Not sure what criteria who ever did this used but it was bogus.
I'm Always on Windows 11 with my 2400g, with Always zero bug and all updates..
Juste have a little warning message on Windows update screen.
So how did you do it? Did you do the registry change or did you change the appraiserres file?