Windows 11: Create Bootable USB for unsupported PC | Install Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware

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A very interesting feature of Rufus allows you to create a bootable USB with Windows 11 for Unsupported PCs. I tested this and it works good. I did a video which explains how to create a bootable USB for unsupported PCs.  Hopefully, it will help.


Always, also refer to Microsoft Statement regarding installing Windows 11 on unsupported PCs.



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While it is possible and Microsoft also shared article to bypass such requirements but we are NOT recommending to install Windows 11 on unsupported device. This would put your device into unsupported state and you will lose support or even updates for the Windows.
Yes, you will receive update but your system is in unsupported state meaning if there is any failure or crash, Microsoft won't guarantee to fix them.
Like we do not have crashes time by time also on supported PCs :)

@Reza_Ameri Microsoft has never "guaranteed" to fix anything. Ever.

That is not true, in case you see released patches for the Windows, you will see there are tons of bug fixes. Sometimes bug is related to the third-party software or driver and Microsoft will inform the vendors.