Windows 11 crashing because of VGA monitor

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So I have a HP pavilion gaming pc, and it came with windows 11 installed. However, the moment after setup finished the monitor went dark and the pc crashed. It was not the pc because after I unplugged every single cable and put them back in one by one, checking what caused the pc to consistently crash, I figured out it was my VGA monitor’s cable. I have confirmed this because my computer has been working perfectly fine for a good months now after I entirely disconnected my second VGA View sonic monitor. My monitor has a VGA to HDMI converter adapter that I use because my pc has no VGA ports to use. However, I don’t think that’s the problem because during my use of windows 10 I never came across a problem with that converter. Anyone got any solutions?
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I am having this same issue, I thought maybe my VGA to HDMI adapter took a dump and purchased again... still the same issue. I am going to go back to Windows 10 for now. Adding my comment hoping to follow the thread.