Windows 11 crashes PC after updating ram from 32GB to 128 GB

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When I installed 128 GB of RAM, windows 11 crashes and shuts off the PC. There is no blue or black box as the PC shuts down. I have upgraded the BIOS and the TPM is set properly. The MB is an Asrock z590 extreme, the RAM is by Corsair. No other changes were made except for the RAM. Windows 11 became corrupted and I couldn't reinstall it as the same behavior occurred.

UPDATE: I tried dropping to Windows 10 install, but it crashed the same with 128 GB RAM. I dropped down to 64 GB and installed Windows 11 as new install and has only shut the PC down once. It looks like 128 GB isn't possible with my hardware / RAM vendor.

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I have the same problem. I upgraded my Windows 11 desktop PC from 2x8GB RAM DDR4 Corsair Vengeance PRO to 4x32GB RAM DDR4 Vengeanse LPX.


First boot all normal until BSOD with message: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT,

Then I tried to restart and see if there were drivers that needed an update, but the system will give me BSOD again, and I could not edit anything.


I shut it down again (just pressing on/off button will shut it down instantly), and I turned it on again but with only 1x32GB RAM. Then the system booted and got stuck with the message "PREPARING AUTOMATIC REPAIR" forever. I do not know what to do. All messages thrown were ultra ambiguous (I googled all of them and I just found suggested adjustments that you can do inside Windows, but I am stuck not being able to enter my session).


Any advice microsoft team/advisors?