Windows 11 color management not working? Chrome on secondary display is not color managed

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I have the feeling color management is not working completely. I have ThinkPad with external Eizo display. There is ICC profile installed for the external display (settings compared to my older Windows 10, they are the same, where it works just fine), yet it seems not to be applied to some applications. "Photos" app works and render colors properly, but Chrome not. Same settings on Windows 10 worked.



I don't know if this problem applies to secondary display only as my main panel is the one on laptop, which apparently has srgb-like gamut.


Please advise, thanks,



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@Aleqq  my thinkpad has this problem with color on chrome.

please let me know the solution if you  know!

i have similar problem with my thinkpad after the windows 11 update
Hi @thejasnm it's not obvious on the screenshots what's wrong in your case. If you suffer from the same issue as me, then sadly no, I haven't found a solution yet. Waiting for MS to fix it / Google to work it around.
This has been fixed in the latest Windows update "January 25, 2022—KB5008353 (OS Build 22000.469)". After installing the update, I undid the "workaround" that I were using and I reinstalled the color profile (in my case, I did this from DisplayCAL, since it's the software that I used to create the color profile). Everything is working as expected now. I can't believe it took almost 4 months for Microsoft to fix the color management. But at least it's finally working.

@Omelette14123123 It does not work for me in DisplayCal. I cannot "Install a profile".
I'm on Windows OS Build 22000.778.

i1Profiler v3.5 monitor profiles install without error.