Windows 11 color management not working? Chrome on secondary display is not color managed

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I have the feeling color management is not working completely. I have ThinkPad with external Eizo display. There is ICC profile installed for the external display (settings compared to my older Windows 10, they are the same, where it works just fine), yet it seems not to be applied to some applications. "Photos" app works and render colors properly, but Chrome not. Same settings on Windows 10 worked.



I don't know if this problem applies to secondary display only as my main panel is the one on laptop, which apparently has srgb-like gamut.


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Hi @Aleqq

I think there is two reasons, maybe it's a bug of the new OS since it's just been released about 2 weeks ago, or it is from the condition of your device. I don't know the main problem if your problem is coming from your device. Whatever brand you were using, It's better to consult to the experts and give feedback to the Microsoft.

I hope this may help.


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Officially written on Eizo pages:
"* Due to a bug in the OS, it is not possible to get the ICC profile information even though the ICC profile has been correctly applied to the OS.
There is currently no solution within the software settings.
We highly recommend not using a PC installed with Microsoft Windows 11 for the time being."
Windows 11 has a problem with getting the ICC profile by GetICMProfile() function, and applications using it are affected.
"Photo" app is a UWP app, so it should not be using GetICMProfile().
Also, desktop apps that use WcsGetDefaultColorProfile() or ColorProfileGetDisplayDefault() to get the ICC profile are not affected.
Thanks for the technical details / explanation.
Anybody knows this issue was acknowledged by Microsoft yet?
It seems to have been reported on the Feedback Hub, but I don't know if Microsoft has the details.
Note that EnumICMProfiles() also does not work correctly on Windows 11, but only a few apps use it for color management of graphics.
This is a sample program to check the difference in behavior of GetICMProfile, WcsGetDefaultColorProfile and ColorProfileGetDisplayDefault.

@yamma_ma thank you

My values on Windows 11:



Windows 10 where it all works:






@Aleqq Did this get fixed? my window of that app shows like this and the colors dont seem to be right

Screenshot 2021-10-27 013427.png

Colors in Chrome are still off, despite the screenshots I posted... Is the root cause then elsewhere?
I don't know! My colours are all messed up. ICC not working properly at all. I was asking you if you fixed this problem haha
Oh and now I realized it seems to be OK in Firefox... but not Edge

This is a bug of the OS. There is a manual and temporal workaround, though. You can open Windows' "Color Management", go to the "Advanced" tab and choose your monitor's color profile in "Device profile", as I show in the attached screenshot. One of the drawbacks of doing this is that you will have to do the same thing every time you get a new profile (in case you calibrate your monitor again), but at least this will fix your issue.



I have a triple monitor setup. How would it work in that case?
You will have to wait until the Windows bug is fixed or the apps apply a workaround (using WcsGetDefaultColorProfile() or ColorProfileGetDisplayDefault()).
It is recommended that you send feedback if possible.
I have seen this workaround, sadly it doesn't seem to work for me. I have that settings yet the colors are (still) off in Chrome.
For feedback on Windows, use the "Feedback Hub" app.
For feedback on the app you are using, please check the app's website or contact user support.

I have been fighting with my color management for Photoshop after my laptop upgraded to Win 11.  Photoshop seemed to be the only one so far and I finnaly fixed it... I changed my Photoshop by changing the Photoshop color setting to monitor and at first it didn't change anything but then I clicked on edit/assign profile, changed to emulate color profile.  It then went to normal.  Now as I import from lightroom and it goes to Photoshop, and a window comes up - click on Discard embedded profile, even though you choose to use lightroom adjustments. Then everything seem to work and save properly after working in Photoshop