Windows 11 can't detect bluetooth

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Have added many speakers and headphones in the past no problem.


A week or so ago I lost the "turn bluetooth on or off" option.


No bluetooth device appears in the driver list.


The PC seems to think it doesn't have bluetooth capability.


What caused this and what should I do?


Thank you!!

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Thanks for sharing!

Wondering if this is a laptop or a desktop, trying to find a way to detect what is the driver name and find a download link,


Hi it's a laptop. Happy to follow instructions to find the information you want. Thank you for your help.
Thanks for sharing and may I ask for the model/specs please.


Windows 11
Check with Device Manager, if Bluetooth driver is installed or if it is having any error?

You can also try updating the driver from there to resolve this.
Thanks for sharing Dean!

Here is a link for the Bluetooth Driver:

Make sure to uninstall the driver first from Device Manager!

Also, update BIOS:

Thanks and hope that helps :)

Thank you. I can't find Bluetooth in the Device Manager. What should I do?
Interesting, it means that your computer is not having the bluetooth driver and that is why it is not working :)

Click the above two links from ASUS one by one, and follow the instructions to install the drivers and update the bios :)


Just ran the Bluetooth troubleshooter and it said "Bluetooth is not available on this device. Please try using an external adaptor to add Bluetooth capability to this computer."

About two weeks ago Bluetooth was working fine.
It can't detect the drivers.. that means somehow the drivers were removed..
Amazing installing the Bluetooth driver didn't work (my last message was sent *after* that, but updating the bios did). Thank you!

Any idea what happened, in layman's terms?
Amazing, I am not really sure what happened...

God bless you!!