Windows 11 BSODs during 3D "anything" on 22h2

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So I have successfully updated to win 11 22h2, however I have found multiple bsods during doing anything that makes use of 3d graphics, or tries to kick on the gpu, more specifically it's either a hypervisor_error or more often clock_watchdog_timeout


This did not happen before the upgrade, actually did not face any bsod while using windows 10 or 11 (21h2)


Can be caused while using win32 or appx apps from the store, sometimes clipchamp as well, the app freezes, then on click or mouse movement, eventually the mouse freezes and then the system hangs for 5 minutes before giving the bsod


Definitely could be a compat problem between drivers and 22h2? However no new drivers that specifically fix the issue have been released by OEM or Microsoft yet


(it's a HP victus laptop, model d0515la, i7 11800h + rtx 3060)

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